075 40485 000

075 40485 000

York Part 075 40485 000

BUSHING 075 40485 000

Purchase York Part Number 075 40485 000 by calling us at  1-800-368-8385.  Ships anywhere in the USA. We specialize in York Genuine Parts. Part Number 075 40485 000 is designed and engineered specifically for YORK equipment.

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Air-Conditioning Parts and 075 40485 000
075 40485 000 for HVAC

The upkeep of HVAC systems requires a high level of expertise. Installations of equipment in commercial buildings are complicated. Although HVAC systems are reliable machines, they may experience some parts issues over time. Small parts such as the 075 40485 000 found in HVAC units should not be overlooked. A bushing is equally as important to an HVAC unit as any larger component.

All parts of an air system work together and often to deliver air, whether hot or cold. Access to parts is a critical part of managing a climate control system. The need for components will vary based on many different factors. Regardless of how a requirement for parts comes about, end-users and technicians must have sources that they can trust.

What is 075 40485 000?

075 40485 000 is a part that is manufactured by York. York is a leading brand in climate control systems, including chillers. The item which can be purchased only through authorized York distributors is a bushing. Bushing is a mechanical component relevant to the operation of an air system. Most people are familiar with air-conditioning parts such as ducts, vents, and compressors. The bushing has an important job to do as part of an HVAC unit.

What is bushing?

A bushing is a component that is used to limit friction. Bushings such as the 075 40485 000 include properties that enable that either slide or rotate. The part can be made of different types of materials. A bushing composition will vary depending on how it will be used and its specified load-bearing needs. Bushings may either be plain or electrical.

Bushings must work between two additional components as an interface. As two parts are moving, the small component reduces the energy transmitted by parts moving simultaneously.

In HVAC, a bushing may be made of rubber. Absorbing energy, the part is a stabilizer that controls motion in a limited scope. Because the part reduces vibration between the two moving components, it also reduces the movement’s sound. As an HVAC element, it helps load transfer, creates a seal, and prevents abrasion.

How does bushing limit friction?

A bushing such as the 075 40485 000 limits friction by creating a stable barrier that permits energy to travel through a device. Acting as an insulator, the component is responsible for decreasing vibrations. A common application for bushings is when they are used in motorized vehicles also to reduce vibrations. The parts have many applications throughout countless industries.

If a commercial or industrial HVAC system such as a chiller is experiencing issues and making loud noises, it is possible that bushing could be the source of the problem. A technician would be able to inspect the equipment. After careful inspection, the technician will then diagnose the problem, whether your part needs repair or replacement; York manufacturers quality components for your equipment, including chillers.

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