What are the Top Concern and Alternative of bipolar Ionization? 

What are the Top Concern and Alternative of Bipolar Ionization? 

Everyone was seeking measures to safeguard workers, consumers, renters, and students when the epidemic began. With bipolar ionization, air may be disinfected fast. It was referred to be a secret weapon’ in the fight against COVID.

However, a federal lawsuit has been brought against a bipolar ionization technology manufacturer. Air ionization hasn’t proven considerable disinfection efficiency, according to Boeing research cited in the case. Claims of “air pollution” have been made in the case against bipolar ionization goods.

After several companies began using bipolar ionization to battle the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Boeing’s work and the lawsuit were made public.

Despite the case being just against one business, doubts and concerns regarding the safety of ionization technology remain. Discuss the merits and downsides of bipolar ionization, as well as various methods for properly disinfecting the air in our buildings.

What is bipolar ionization?

What are the Top Concern and Alternative of Bipolar Ionization? It is called needlepoint bi-polar ionization because it produces both positively and negatively charged particles. HVAC systems and portable air cleaners are typical applications for this technology.

Ions are released into the atmosphere through ionization products. As they travel through filters, the ions join with airborne particles to form more significant clusters that can be more readily filtered out. Depending on the manufacturer, there is the possibility for ionization from bipolar ionization goods as well.

In light of the lack of study into how ionization works in the real world, the EPA believes there is insufficient evidence to support the safety and efficacy of these items.

The manufacturer should document a product’s ability to eliminate pathogens from the air or surface. According to the CDC, products may be entirely useless to be very successful when it comes to air purification. Ask for test results and information on possible risks, such as exposing tenants.

Bipolar ionization may be used in your existing air disinfection product; check the label to be sure or ask the manufacturer if you’re uncertain.

Advantages to bipolar ionization

  • Several benefits come with using bipolar ionization technology, including the ones listed below:
    • Depending on the manufacturer and use, it may be effective against airborne viruses and germs.
    • Depending on the manufacturer and use, it may be effective against viruses and germs on surfaces.
  • The healthcare industry has long employed ionization, even though it is still considered a new technology.

Disadvantages to ionization

The ionization technique has a lot of disadvantages, according to ASHRAE guidelines:

  • An absence of scientific evidence to back up disinfection claims
  • Depending on the manufacturer, systems may release significant quantities of ozone.
    • Airborne particles, such as viruses and bacteria, may be reduced by inefficient or adequate systems.
  • In addition, people may be exposed to ions or other compounds that are discharged into the air.

What to look for when considering Bipolar Ionization products

If you’re considering purchasing any new technology, including bipolar ionization items, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises you to complete your due diligence.

However, what exactly should you be on the lookout for?

The following are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Product information that potentially affects people’s health and safety in the space or exacerbates pre-existing health issues should be collected.
  • Additionally, several third-party sources are included in the data set.
  • More than a dozen lawsuits against manufacturers have been or are pending.
  • This should be a warning signal if there are just a few case studies, unsupported claims, or studies without baseline data to illustrate how beneficial the technology is.
    • Ensure that equipment is certified to fulfill UL 867 or UL 2998 standards for ozone emissions.
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How Does Bipolar Ionization Work?

How Does Bipolar Ionization Work?

Water molecules may be divided into positive and negative ions through bipolar ionization (i.e., atoms with one more or less electron than normal ones).

Ionic compounds, such as salt (sodium chloride), in which chlorine is negatively charged, and sodium is positively charged, are formed by the attraction of positive and negative ions.

Ionizability is similar to that of water molecules, such as H2O, which may be broken down into O2-OH- and H +

What are the advantages of using Bipolar ionization?

How Does Bipolar Ionization Work?Advantage of Bipolar Ionization: Water vapor in the air is used by machines that recreate ionization to manufacture new ions. Ionizers break water molecules (H 2 O) into positively and negatively charged oxygen and hydrogen atoms. Ions provide weight to fine dust, making it descend from high places to the ground.

Additional pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and molds may also be killed by hydroxyl radicals formed by the ionization of hydrogen. This is a critical step in treating viral infections because the protein coat contains hydrogen atoms, which may spread the virus. The virus’s ability to apply has been neutralized as a result of its removal.

How do they do it?

How Does Bipolar Ionization Work?How Bipolar Ionization do that: Ionizers employ cold plasma technology, which creates reactive oxygen species (ROS) from an ionized gas with no chemical origin. These oxidizing ions destroy the proteins of viruses, bacteria, and mold, rendering them harmless. Water and carbon dioxide are formed as a result of the process of oxidation of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It is safe and normal to do so.

Ionizers are beneficial in the treatment of Coronavirus since the ions (H +) and (O 2–) collect around the coronavirus protein, resulting in the formation of hydroxyl radicals (OH).

Coronavirus ions combine to generate H 2 O when H (hydrogen) is removed from the protein membrane. A coronavirus can’t infect cells if its protein is destroyed.

Bipolar Ionization ARE USED WHERE?

Where Bipolar Ionization is used: They may be utilized in any setting and are a good defense against Sars-Cov2 allergies and infections. If you need to disinfect the air in locations like schools and hospitals, you’ll find them there.

A wide variety of ionizer types and brands are available to suit various applications; they do not influence the systems’ energy consumption and do not need any maintenance in the high-power and low-power variants, respectively.

Why use a bipolar ionization instead of a conventional ionizer?

Ionizers are the only method of air disinfection that is entirely safe. When utilizing ionizers, individuals should not leave the rooms open since no dangerous gases or poisonous residues might hurt people or objects. Allergy-causing allergens, including pollen, fungus, and mold, may be eliminated within 24 hours after sanitizing the area. Other benefits include the removal of unpleasant odors and electrostatic charges from the air.


Can allergies be alleviated by using an air purifier? FAQ Bipolar Ionization

Asthma and allergy sufferers may feel slight pain when exposed to high concentrations of negative ions in the atmosphere—having an air purifier installed will increase the number of negative ions and reduce the number of fine particles in the air. During the so-called pollen season, an air filter may help alleviate symptoms of hay fever. Although an air purifier will not eliminate the symptoms of an allergy, it will help alleviate them. Great news!

Does an ionizer produce ozone?

A little quantity is permitted, but it’s not hazardous to your body. No further ventilation is needed since the ozone value of an air purifier with ionizers is 0.01 ppm.

However, ionizer air purifiers aren’t for everyone since the ozone they produce might irritate asthmatics’ airways. Bipolar ionization doesn’t have to worry about this issue since they don’t produce ozone.

If my ventilation is adequate, why do I need an air purifier?

The use of an air purifier enhances good ventilation. Using an air purifier, you can remove dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air, as well as unpleasant aromas like cigarette smoke. Smaller particles may be removed from the air using the HEPA filter found in vacuum cleaners. Aside from making bacteria and viruses, and other microorganisms inert and heavy, the ionization technique assures that you cannot inhale them.

Is a corona filter effective?

Corona may be neutralized via ionization, which is sufficient time and time again. Your house will not be utterly virus-free once you remove the virus particles, such as B., from your hands since you will still have them on you. Because of this, you should constantly adhere to the guidelines (proper hand washing, etc.).

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Global Plasma Solutions Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) technology safely cleans the air (Indoor Air Quality) in business and residential buildings.

Needlepoint bipolar ionization uses an electrical charge to generate a high positive and negative ions density to clean indoor air properly. These ions are constantly searching for and connecting to particles as they move through the air. A continuous pattern of particle combination is established in motion as a result of this. These particles are swiftly removed from the air as they grow in size.

Furthermore, positive and negative ions have microbicidal effects on viruses, decreasing the virus’s infectivity. The needlepoint bi-polar ionization from Global Plasma Solutions is ozone-free and the only kind in its category to pass the RCTA DO-160 airplane standard. As a consequence of traditional bipolar ionization systems, hazardous ozone is produced.

It activates the oxygen molecules

The ” Global Plasma Solutions Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization systems activate the oxygen molecules by rebalancing the ions existing in the environments, raising them in the quantities that are usually found in non-polluted environments, such as in the mountains, near a waterfall, near the sea, where waves break on the rocks.

By raising the number of ions and rebalancing them, in environments where the positive ions normally exceed the negative ones, the present pollutants, bacteria, spores that generate molds, viruses, germs, parasites, pollens are reduced, purifying the air and at the same time eliminating odors and fine dust suspended in the air.

These systems create optimal conditions of well-being and health to make people feel good without any contraindications.

positively affects people’s health

The technology of ” Global Plasma Solutions Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization” positively affects people’s health. It also promotes the absorption of oxygen by red blood cells with beneficial effects on all organs.

It is a natural process that not only does not generate contraindications but also positively involves the respiratory system, as it represents a valid defense against problems related to allergies and asthmatic situations.

The systems we control the “bipolar ionization dosage,” covered by an international patent, are distinguished from other systems, guaranteeing the correct generation of ions.

The scientific literature, rich on the subject, also indicates that the rebalancing of ions and the correct elevation of the same improves respiratory function, migraines and, regulating serotonin, also enhances sleep quality.

It can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial environments, adapting to any system need. It can even be inserted into existing aeraulic networks without the need for any masonry work.

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How Does Bipolar Ionization Work?

Bipolar Ionization

The function of bipolar ionization is to divide water vapor molecules into positive and negative ions (i.e. atoms with one more or less electron than normal ones).

Positive and negative ions tend to attract each other to form ionic compounds, such as salt (sodium chloride), in which chlorine is negatively charged while sodium is positively charged.

In the same way, the water molecule H 2 O is ionizable into O2- OH- and H +


The machines that reproduce Bipolar Ionization take care of recreating ions by exploiting the water vapor present in the air. The ionizer splits the water molecules (H 2 O) into negatively and positively charged oxygen and hydrogen. In this way, the ions add mass to the fine dust present in the air, causing them to fall to the floor.

Additionally, ions can recombine into reactive hydroxyl radicals that remove hydrogen from other pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and molds. This step is essential, especially regarding viral infections since the hydrogen present in the protein coat is the transmission danger factor. By eliminating it, the virus no longer has infectious power.


Ionizers use cold plasma technology, an ionized gas (which has no chemical derivation) that generates reactive oxygen species called ROS. These oxidizing ions attack the proteins of viruses, bacteria, and mold, making them harmless. Others oxidize the VOCs (volatile organic components), transforming them into water and carbon dioxide. By doing so, the process is safe and natural.

Also, concerning the Coronavirus, the ionizers have proved to be effective: the ions (H +) and (O 2–) gather around the coronavirus protein, converting them into hydroxyl radicals (OH).

By removing H (hydrogen) from the coronavirus protein-membrane, the ions chemically combine to form H 2 O. Once the coronavirus protein is damaged, the virus cannot infect cells even if it comes in contact with it.


These machines can be used in all environments, prevent allergies and infections, and are an excellent defense against Sars-Cov2. They are used in hospitals, offices, schools, restaurants, and all public places where it is necessary to sanitize the air.

The ionizers are available in different models and brands depending on the need for use; they do not affect the systems’ energy consumption and do not need maintenance in the professional models and minimal maintenance in the low power models.


By comparing the various types of air disinfection, ionizers are the only 100% safe sanitation. First, the person must not free the rooms while using the ionizers since no harmful gases or toxic residues are generated to damage people or materials. The sanitization is permanent within 24 hours, neutralizes, together with fungi, molds and viruses, even fine dust, mites, and pollen, the leading causes of allergies. Other advantages are the elimination of bad smells and electrostatic charges.


Does an air purifier help with allergies?

People who suffer from allergies and asthma often experience minor discomfort when in places where the air contains many negative ions. By installing an air purifier, there are more negative ions and less (fine) dust in the air. An air purifier can also provide relief from hay fever during the so-called pollen season. The air purifier won’t solve the allergy, but it will make the living environment more comfortable for someone with allergy symptoms. Big relief!

Does an ionizer emit ozone?

Yes, but it is a minimal amount that is not harmful to your health. The ozone value of air purifiers with ionizers is 0.01 ppm, so additional ventilation is not required.

However, air purifiers with ionizers are not suitable for everyone; the ozone can potentially irritate the airways of asthmatics. This is not a problem with bipolar Ionization as the device does not emit ozone.

Why do I need an air purifier when I am already ventilating well?

An air purifier is an addition to good ventilation. The air purifier filters out dust, dust mites, pollen, and fine dust, and unpleasant smells, and cigarette smells. The HEPA filter removes harmful particles from the air that are much smaller. In addition, the Bipolar Ionization technology ensures that bacteria and viruses, among other things, are made inactive and heavy so that you can no longer breathe them in.

Does an air filter work against corona?

Bipolar Ionization has proven to be a tried and tested technique against corona. However, your home will not be 100% virus-free immediately because you will remove the virus particles, e.g. B. can still carry on your hands. Therefore, you should always follow the measures (proper hand washing, etc.).

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Why use Needlepoint bipolar ionization?

bipolar ionization

Improve air quality with Needlepoint bipolar ionization

bipolar ionization: When improving the air quality in residential, commercial, and industrial establishments, we strive tirelessly to achieve this; viruses, bacteria, Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs) are the culprits for the poor air conditions in commercial and industrial facilities. Besides, the coronavirus pandemic is not making it easy for anyone to take the matter of incredible air quality lightly because this issue is significantly influencing businesses. Staff members, customers, and clients deserve safe and secure atmospheric conditions to do all their daily routines and activities on the premises.

The needlepoint bipolar ionization effects on pathogens such as viruses have been observed and recorded for a long time. Although this technology is a work in progress, the solution offers a prospective remedy to combat the coronavirus. Besides, bipolar ionization is the most critical component of the needlepoint bipolar ionization; the bipolar ionization process involves a molecule or an atom separating to eliminate the hydrogen element from the pathogens’ compound. When the hydrogen component is destroyed from the contaminant like viruses and bacteria, the pathogen is efficiently deactivated. This type of performance has provided hope in the struggle to combat the new and deadly coronavirus effectively.

Why we use it

Furthermore, the needlepoint ionization is carried out within the ventilation systems and the HVAC units; elimination is the precise result for the free radicals being created. These free radicals search for and get rid of harmful pathogens. Bipolar ionization has a high affinity for pathogens. Therefore, it destroys bacteria, viruses, and other microbes and eradicates awful odors. Besides, mold is among the factors that cause disease, and it affects everyone that accesses the premises.

Smoke, dust, VOCs, and other chemicals all contribute significantly to creating building sickness. Weird diseases are partially the cause for most people calling in sick and missing their work until they are attended to professionally by health care providers. The ventilation system is the ideal remedy for antiviral management due to its reliable, consistent circulation across the whole building.

bipolar ionizationThe HVAC units are accountable for providing the necessary temperatures and are anticipated to satisfy the required air quality standards. On the brighter side, mounting the needlepoint ionization might improve the standards; the device is an advancement for the current units. Additionally, the covid-19 pandemic altered the approach that most establishments applied to purify the atmosphere; by implementing the existing HVAC equipment for rectifying the challenge of enjoying long-lasting clean air.

It is an immediate solution, and it is a cost-effective solution and simple to install. Mounting the needlepoint bi-polar ionization unit is less costly than the long-term effects of the coronavirus on the markets and the health of the entire humanity. Commercial facilities are victim to the exposure due to their colossal size and the number of people that use the facilities; many surfaces are bound to be touched by most people; therefore, the pathogens spread is not easy to escape. However, the NBPI is highly reactive to these pathogens in the atmosphere and on the surfaces.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Midwest Parts Center for more information regarding the needlepoint bi-polar ionization. We have incredible customer services and professional technicians who will offer you comprehensive information regarding NBPI.

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What are the benefits of using bipolar ionization?

bipolar ionization

The atmosphere is made of naturally occurring ions, particularly in the outdoors, and they consistently purify the air. The ions are generated from sunlight, rushing water, and even the crashing waves. The Midwest Parts Center bipolar ionization produces ions without any other deadly by-products, such as the harmful ozone.

Therefore, you can enjoy the outdoor freshness inside your home.,  for a long time now, healthcare centers such as hospitals have embraced the importance of prioritizing the safety of visitors, health care providers, and patients from deadly microbes pathogens. On the other hand, the spread of the novel SAR-CoV-2, the coronavirus, has established adequate air-purifying “crucial mission” for many sectors’ institutions.

Benefits of using Bipolar ionization

Furthermore, smoke, dust, dander, allergens, and even pathogens, including bacteria, mold, and viruses, can be distributed in the atmosphere and the air we breathe, regardless of not seeing them with naked eyes. At Midwest Parts Center, our bipolar ionization technology effectively and more safely develops and produces ions into the airstream applying your current HVAC system as the delivery method. Immediately these ions spread across the atmosphere;

they look for bonds to form with particles in the air by the process referred to as agglomeration. This process establishes a snowball effect where these particles start to come together. The bigger the cluster of particles becomes, the simpler it is for your unit to effectively and efficiently purify the air. Also, this process has been credited and proven by independent laboratory tests and experiments to be safe and practical.

Safe and secure

bipolar ionizationThe main hiccup for many healthcare facilities is eliminating deadly pathogens securely for everyone around; to effectively, quickly, and without interfering negatively with the environment, without producing toxic by-products. The bipolar ionization considers all these, and the process includes guiding the ionization molecules into the atmosphere and deactivating the pathogens and pollutants at their molecular levels.

On the other hand, with the coronavirus pandemic, it has been proven that it can spread through tiny droplets of air that we inhale into our respiratory system. These small respiratory particles, establishing proof, signifies that aerosol transmission is also a method of transmission. Consequently, this means that the virus located in the droplets can survive in the atmosphere for a longer duration than initially believed.

If this air cleaner decreases the spread of the virus, this means that the ionization process is highly essential in the combat against the coronavirus.

Arguably, a harmless pathogen cannot spread any infection whatsoever; this is how bipolar ionization works; it renders the bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens inactive. The ions produce pathogens, reduce dust, smoke, and pollen while removing odors. There is the production of negatively and positively charged ions that envelop the pathogens and break them down. The pathogen is technically too tiny to be captured in the extensive filtration systems; however, they are easily spotted and eliminated when they get trapped inside the cluster.

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What is the Bipolar Ionization system?

Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar IonizationWalking into a room may not give you a clear picture of the kind of pathogens that are accumulated in the air you breathe. This air is often passed through your HVAC system. Currently, the risks that come from public facilities affect millions of people’s health and, ultimately, lives. Midwest Parts Centre will help you inactivate any airborne pathogens and viruses within your institution through bipolar ionization. It doesn’t matter if it’s a healthcare facility, an academic Centre, or a sports arena; we are here to keep your environment safe by cleaning its airstream. We, therefore, offer you this air purifying system that has been embraced and accepted for decades among several facilities. If you adopt this system for your air purification, you not only will be controlling or preventing airborne diseases, you will also be protecting your customers, family, and workers from the widespread coronavirus.

Even though much emphasis is put on the use of this system during this ongoing pandemic, the use of bipolar ionization system is effective in our daily lives because of the plasma technology that kills every kind of pathogen and allergens that are found in the air, such as black mold, pollen, dust mites, bacteria among many microorganisms. Together with other HVAC systems, technologies and practices, bipolar ionization will meet your air cleaning needs.

The major reasons why you should consider using a bipolar ionization system in your facility are because of its:

  • Efficiency in energy use. Bipolar ionization uses a low as 5 Watts on some units, saving you high energy costs that inflate your utility bills. Besides, bipolar ionization can also be used to reduce outside air.
  • Other reasons and benefits to consider bipolar ionization are, there are no replacement parts needed; instead, the system offers you increased reliability.
  • The system is easy to maintain because it is for self-cleaning. You do not need to hire professionals or experts to clean the system for you.
  • It is easy to install and has increased air-filter efficiency.
  • It is ozone-free and safe to use for commercial and industrial purposes.
  • Finally, the system eliminates mold and biofilm from the cooling coil, keeping your air clean.

Quality indoor air purify

Indoor air quality has become a priority for most facility owners and managers. No one wants their facility to be fagged as a covid-19 zone that would affect the smooth running of businesses and productivity from employees. To avoid these predicaments, facilities have now chosen the best technological way of cleaning indoor air, bipolar ionization for their safety and cleaning needs, together with adhering to government and CDC guidelines to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Despite the availability of other air cleaning technologies, the popularity of bipolar ionization systems during the pandemic supports the above reasons to use the system. Do not ignore its use after the pandemic is over. Instead, continually use bipolar ionization for your facility’s air cleaning needs. You can also make an indoor air quality consultation by contacting Midwest Parts Centre.

Call us today, and we will guide you through having the best air purifier system within your premises.

Bipolar ionization, essential in rendering viruses inactive

Bipolar ionization

About Bipolar ionization

Bipolar ionization: For a long time, hospitals and health care facilities have comprehended the significance of safeguarding patients, healthcare providers, and visitors from infectious pathogens. However, the spread of the novel coronavirus, SAR- CoV-2, has developed optimal air cleansing “critical mission” for many regions’ institutions. Dave Heibult, president of G&R Controls, the creating automation department of HVAC Elements, stated that, when coronavirus struck this sector, they received at least three to four calls in a day from their clients for their view on this or that development to purify the air. However, they did not want to put their name behind anything until they understood entirely how it functioned and its long-term impacts on the HVAC System’s energy effectiveness.

Bipolar ionization, essential in rendering viruses inactiveThe primary challenge for healthcare facilities is to destroy prospective harmful agents safely, effectively, swiftly, and without emitting hazardous products. one technology that takes into consideration all boxes is the NPBI (Needlepoint Bi-polar Ionization). This includes directing ionization molecules into space to deactivate pollutants and pathogens at the molecular stage. the cognizance of Bipolar ionization efficacy to enhance indoor air quality tracks way back in years ago. ASHRAE has touted the merits of ionization in destroying dangerous VOCs, pathogens, and viruses since the 1960s.

Ionization has currently proved that clean and disinfected air helps prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV2 virus that causes Covid 19. A controlled experiment by Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science in Tokyo, Japan, showed the efficacy of bipolar ionization to destroy pathogens; reduction of the hnn1 virus after an hour of ionization. This study is among the many that have encouraged the possibility of deactivating coronavirus using bi-polar ionization.

Bipolar ionization is much safe according to a study

Another recent study conducted by a Madrid-based HVAC Company, Tayra, and supported by the Spanish Ministry of Defense biological laboratory showed that pure-plasma Bipolar ionization lowers the virus’s spread by nearly a hundred percent. This experiment utilized a plasma air ionizer and a substitute for the coronavirus MS2 Bacteriophage to acquire a ninety-nine percent decrease of the virus after ten minutes of the ionization.

Coronavirus spreads via tiny droplets of water that we breathe into the lungs. Besides the respiratory droplets, developing proof implies that aerosol transmission is also a mode of transmission. This signifies that the virus found in droplets survives in the air longer than what was formerly thought. If cleaner lowers the virus’s spread, then ionization is significant in the fight against coronavirus.

A harmless pathogen cannot spread infection. Bipolar ionization is essential in rendering viruses inactive. PURE-Plasma technology also lowers pathogens such as E. coli and Staph. Three Pure-Plasma products that provide the best outcome for destroying pathogens are; needlepoint, brush, and tube ionizers. They kill viruses, decrease dust, pollen, and smoke, and eradicates odors. When PURE-Plasma ionizers are placed on HVAC ductwork or in the air handler emit negative and positive ions. These ions accumulate around the virus and break it down. The virus is individually too minute to get trapped in many filtration systems. Although, when they are inside the cluster, they are effortless to see and remove.

Benefit to use

Bipolar ionization is effective in combating viruses before entering the common spaces. This has excellent merits for hospitals, schools, and hotels; all commercial premises benefit from purified air. It establishes healthier conditions for staff and visitors. Bipolar ionization functions by introducing negative and positive ions in the air. The ionization influences the production of cumulations of OH (hydroxyl) radicals formed on the surface of the microbes, eradicating hydrogen from the microbes’ wall membranes, thus deactivating prospective harmful particles. It may result in colossal health effects if not correctly specified and installed.

Bipolar Ionization Air Purification

Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar Ionization Air Purification for Commercial Centers

Bipolar IonizationCompanies find that the solution to combatting COVID-19 may be found with bipolar ionization. Bipolar innovation is a process where molecules are divided, and as a result, ions are formed. The ions emit free radicals that neutralize compounds by removing a significant hydrogen bond. Bipolar ionization air purification is a possible response to managing COVID-19 and coronaviruses in commercial facilities.

Bipolar ionization inactivates viruses once a hydrogen bond is eliminated. As a result, a virus mutated by the ionization process with bipolar effects is not able to infect individuals. The method also holds for bacteria, mold, and other harmful pathogens. The process of this air purification takes place within the conduit of an HVAC filter. For this reason, the process is a reasonable solution for viruses.

Since the appearance of the COVID-19, facilities have been tasked with finding ways to improve air quality. Establishments that make use of bipolar ionization air purification as a method for enhanced A/C  include schools, hospitals, and facilities that demand a sterile environment. Considering the threat of the coronavirus, even more, companies are deploying the technology with the hopes of a better outcome.

Bipolar Ionisation Results Measures

Research indicates that the process has a positive effect on inactivating dangerous pathogens. Although studies are ongoing, experts believe that the treatment might have the same response on the coronavirus as it does on viruses with similar compounds. The coronavirus is the germ that causes COVID-19. Similar viruses include SARS and MERS. In previous studies, bipolar ionization responded to SARS and MERS with special kill rates. Studies indicate that COVID-19 is likely to respond well to the process of ionization with bipolar activity.

It is widely known that germs are spread through actions such as coughing or sneezing. The issue is that germs are transferred in the air and on surfaces. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of sanitizing shared spaces and hand-washing. Unfortunately, however, the germs travel far and can be picked up with very little exposure. Due to the widespread pandemic, facilities are expected to do more to elevate the safety of buildings, including schools, offices, and medical facilities.

Some of the germs that have been successfully eliminated by bipolar ionization include Avian Flu, Staph, and TB. Tests show that the treatment is useful not only for airborne germs but for germs on the surface when applied to ventilation systems. Combating the effects of COVID-19 requires a vast network of tools and a multi-disciplined approach. Learn more about air purification options for commercial HVAC.

Bipolar Ionization for Quality Commercial Air

bipolar ionization for quality air

Bipolar Ionization for Quality Commercial Air Solutions.

bipolar ionization for quality airDisease spread is not unusual in large buildings. In fact, people become ill with viruses often. Bipolar ionization for quality commercial air responds to the demand for adequate infection control. Ionization has an impact on viruses, bacteria, and also mold. Additionally, the service attacks common germs that lead to illnesses in people like the cold and flu. The technology attacks germs in heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. 

Through bipolar ionization for quality commercial air, Global Plasma Solutions is a tool that attacks germs. Ionization is added to established air units by an industrial service technician. Furthermore, the newer threat of COVID-19 has impacted businesses of all sizes. There is an increase in bipolar ionization as a possible treatment for commercial HVAC units. In fact, business leaders have responded with action to alleviate the spread of coronavirus in buildings. 

Buildings around the globe are deploying methods to limit exposure to viruses. Additionally, companies are thinking about sanitizing areas for both clients and employees. Through the evolution of coronavirus, the DC provided guidelines for the prevention of the virus. Besides good hygiene, masks, and social distancing, HVAC units might play a supplementary role in infection control.

Bipolar Ionization and Industrial Air Systems

Companies are looking to reduce exposure to COVID-19 and other common pathogens. Facilitates can halt the spread of foul air by deploying a bipolar ionization device for quality commercial air. The technology renders germs inactive after removing a hydrogen bond. As a result of the ionic relationship, free radicals are ford and subsequently attack germs.

Commercial and industrial facilities will find added benefits with ionization. Not only does the service eliminate germs, but it also manages outdoor airflow into buildings. Outside air diminishes temperature control and air quality. Additionally, outside airflow causes operation costs to rise because it is not energy efficient. Outside air may also result in an overgrowth of mildew, mold, and bad smells. Finally, Global Plasma Solutions, which uses bipolar ionization, targets volatile organic compounds known as VOCs. Following lab tests, Global Plasma Solutions was found to render many viruses un-livable. During the last stage of ionization, ions blend with a pathogen to eliminate its hydrogen bond.  The bond is necessary for a virus to survive. 

Experts find that the fight against coronavirus may be going on for quite some time. Due to this fact, facilities are considering long-term options for infection control. Because COVID-19 is airborne, it is a positive candidate for Global Plasma Solutions when applied to ventilation systems. Stopping the virus through A/C systems is with consideration since they are already deployed and functioning.

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