Anti viral sanitizer for HVAC

HVAC Systems and Anti Viral Sanitizer

anti viral sanitizer_Midwest Parts CenterCurrent details surrounding coronavirus have more companies looking for ways to improve the air inside of facilities, including anti viral sanitizer. The fact is that efforts are constantly made to safeguard humans from disease, however there are some solutions that go unnoticed. When dealing with common areas and surfaces where germs can be transferred from person to person, greater measures must be taken to prevent the spread of illness and other unintended consequences. Have you considered the role that clean air has in preventing the spread of viruses?

O2Prime is an anti viral sanitizer that can be added to forced air heating and cooling systems to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and also mildew. The technology is an advanced one that uses the latest technology to deliver cleaner air in buildings. Truthfully, ventilation systems are critical for helping to generate and maintain clean air. While they are often understood to manage temperature control, the capabilities of an HVAC system are far more complex. The extent to which air systems contribute to cleaner air to breath is quite remarkable.

Explain O2Prime and Anti Viral Sanitizer

O2Prime is a technology that is added to HVAC units for the purpose of creating clean air. Clean air means breathable air that is free from viruses, bacteria, mold and other germs. Additionally, the innovation controls outside air. Controlling outside air is a way to prevent unwanted microorganisms from entering a building and also manages the inside temperature. O2Prime is all about indoor air quality, which should be the best considering how many people patronize buildings for one reason or another. Taking control of outside air entering a facility means that O2Prime makes HVAC units more efficient. Efficient operation of temperature control systems leads to greater savings on energy expenses. As an anti viral sanitizer, O2Prime does even more to help reduce the spread of illness through air handling systems.

How does Anti viral sanitizer O2Prime Work?

As an anti viral sanitizer, O2Prime uses bipolar ionization to remove harmful infectious agents from the air and on surfaces. Between a connection that happens with an ion and a pathogen like a virus, a hydrogen bond is removed. Once the hydrogen bond is broken, a microorganism cannot sustain. The germ becomes inactive and is considered non-livable. Subsequently, if a virus does somehow infect a person, it lacks the power to complete its mission, it is essentially dead. In tests, O2Prime has shown a high kill rate for many notorious viruses, bacteria and more.

In large commercial buildings, clean air is a priority. People spend many hours out of day inside of facilities carrying out important tasks. It is only correct to assume that the air should be healthy to prevent acute and chronic health issues that will inevitably impact productivity and profitability. News of a global pandemic has forced people to spring into action and consider ways in which they can take a more proactive role in maintaining better air quality.


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