Bipolar Ionization – Commercial Cleaning

Bipolar Ionization and Commercial Air Cleaning

bipolar ionization_midwest parts centerStudies indicate that viruses can be killed by a process known as bipolar ionization. When individuals are afflicted with a virus and cough or sneeze, contaminated droplets can settle on surfaces and be transmitted through the air. The process of ionization seeks out airborne microorganisms and surface pathogens. Scientific experts are convinced that bipolar ionization can kill viruses and prevent their transmission.

How does Bipolar Ionization Defeat Viruses in Commercial Facilities?

Commercial buildings are vulnerable to the spread of viruses through several different means. Anywhere people congregate is likely to be a source for germs to live. Viruses such as the flu are normally transmitted through the air or on surfaces when someone touches a contaminated item. Door knobs, phone handsets, break rooms and bathrooms are all examples of places that get plenty of traffic and also places where germs live. Commercial facilities, moreover operate temperature control systems which usually consist of central or forced air units. Because air systems regulate temperature, incorrect settings can cause increased moisture which allows germs to grow. Air systems are also capable of carrying or expelling contaminants as well as controlling their entry into an indoor space from the outside.

Bipolar ionization is concerned with ions removing a hydrogen bond from a germ. Viruses, in particular require a hydrogen bond in order to survive. Once a virus is detached from its hydrogen bond, it is deactivated, inactive and no longer able to survive. Therefore, if a person is exposed to a dead virus, they most likely will not experience the type of symptoms that a live virus will trigger.

Bipolar Ionization and Preventing Viral Spread

The reason why commercial facilities should consider preventing the spread of viruses is that the action is simply good practice. Employees and patrons must have clean air to breathe. The impacts of exposure to viruses and bacteria as well as outbreaks are costly. Every year, people miss valuable time at work due to illnesses that are preventable to a wide extent. Moreover, exposure to chemicals, toxins, and allergens can cause long-term damage to vital organs for some people. Clean air is a necessity for everyone. Due to the fact that nearly person spends time in commercial buildings to some capacity, having clean air is simply not an option, it is must.

Research suggests that bipolar ionization is successful at killing viruses, some with a kill rate of 99.9%. Recurring studies show that common infectious agents such as the flu and legionella are inactivated at a high rate and in record time. The benefit of bipolar ionization is that it can be applied on surfaces and also in the air. Airborne germs account for many of the cases of upper respiratory ailments that stop progress in its tracks annually. The great news is that companies can be proactive by taking simple measures to reduce the spread of infectious diseases with a top to bottom approach.

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