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GPS_Midwest Parts CenterHVAC units can be used to control contaminants in the air. We are pleased to deliver Global Plasma Solutions, an advanced technology that helps our clients achieve cleaner air. Through a process called bipolar ionization, our technology can help facilities deliver better air quality for both employees and patrons. Air-Conditioning units are typically used for climate control, but the capabilities are far more extensive. With the right mechanisms in place, air systems can contribute to greater productivity and healthier lifestyles.

Although commercial buildings should adhere to recommended cleaning and sanitization methods, more can be done to combat the spread of health triggers that affect people negatively. HVAC units are multi-function systems that improve air quality and regulate temperature, impacting air quality in an environment. Breathable air is free from viruses, mold, fungi, and bacteria, which may cause serious health effects for patrons.

What is Global Plasma Solutions?

Employees and customers alike need healthy air to breathe. Our Global Plasma Solutions technology can certainly make better air quality a reality. Ventilation systems can filter out particles such as viruses, mold, bacteria, and allergens. People who are sensitive to certain materials can experience serious health issues, some with long-term effects. Global Plasma Solutions is a viable solution that can help companies achieve clean air that is also efficient.

The technology behind Global Plasma Solutions consists of bipolar ionization. The process kills and then inactivates viruses so that they cannot infect unsuspecting victims. Moreover, with testing, the technology has been shown to reduce mold, reduce outside air from entering buildings, and control pathogens. When added to HVAC systems, Global Plasma Solutions helps the temperature control equipment save on energy, which results in less operational costs.

Global Plasma Solutions works by forcing ions to connect with pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, for example. During the connection, a needed hydrogen bond is removed. Without the bond, the infectious agents are not able to survive. What follows is a process of deactivation where an airborne germ is then rendered inactive.

Since the coronavirus has emerged, companies are more focused on improving environmental conditions within facilities to prevent the spread of common viruses. Bipolar ionization, the technology at the root of Global Plasma Solutions, has yet to be tested due to the coronavirus’s newness. However, Logic suggests that if it is similar to viruses that have been tested in the past, bipolar ionization kill rates may fall in line with earlier studies.

Tests conducted on many different types of viruses have shown that Global Plasma Solutions kills germs on surfaces and the air relatively quickly. In addition to killing viruses, the formula is capable of eliminating harsh odors. Since the technology is added to air-conditioning systems, clean air can circulate throughout a building.

In Conclusion

Facilities have an opportunity to contribute to disease prevention methods by making greater use of heating and cooling units. Adding a material such as Global Plasma Solutions to an existing forced-air system offers better air quality that is safer to breathe.

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