Why use Needlepoint bipolar ionization?

bipolar ionization

Improve air quality with Needlepoint bipolar ionization

bipolar ionization: When improving the air quality in residential, commercial, and industrial establishments, we strive tirelessly to achieve this; viruses, bacteria, Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs) are the culprits for the poor air conditions in commercial and industrial facilities. Besides, the coronavirus pandemic is not making it easy for anyone to take the matter of incredible air quality lightly because this issue is significantly influencing businesses. Staff members, customers, and clients deserve safe and secure atmospheric conditions to do all their daily routines and activities on the premises.

The needlepoint bipolar ionization effects on pathogens such as viruses have been observed and recorded for a long time. Although this technology is a work in progress, the solution offers a prospective remedy to combat the coronavirus. Besides, bipolar ionization is the most critical component of the needlepoint bipolar ionization; the bipolar ionization process involves a molecule or an atom separating to eliminate the hydrogen element from the pathogens’ compound. When the hydrogen component is destroyed from the contaminant like viruses and bacteria, the pathogen is efficiently deactivated. This type of performance has provided hope in the struggle to combat the new and deadly coronavirus effectively.

Why we use it

Furthermore, the needlepoint ionization is carried out within the ventilation systems and the HVAC units; elimination is the precise result for the free radicals being created. These free radicals search for and get rid of harmful pathogens. Bipolar ionization has a high affinity for pathogens. Therefore, it destroys bacteria, viruses, and other microbes and eradicates awful odors. Besides, mold is among the factors that cause disease, and it affects everyone that accesses the premises.

Smoke, dust, VOCs, and other chemicals all contribute significantly to creating building sickness. Weird diseases are partially the cause for most people calling in sick and missing their work until they are attended to professionally by health care providers. The ventilation system is the ideal remedy for antiviral management due to its reliable, consistent circulation across the whole building.

bipolar ionizationThe HVAC units are accountable for providing the necessary temperatures and are anticipated to satisfy the required air quality standards. On the brighter side, mounting the needlepoint ionization might improve the standards; the device is an advancement for the current units. Additionally, the covid-19 pandemic altered the approach that most establishments applied to purify the atmosphere; by implementing the existing HVAC equipment for rectifying the challenge of enjoying long-lasting clean air.

It is an immediate solution, and it is a cost-effective solution and simple to install. Mounting the needlepoint bi-polar ionization unit is less costly than the long-term effects of the coronavirus on the markets and the health of the entire humanity. Commercial facilities are victim to the exposure due to their colossal size and the number of people that use the facilities; many surfaces are bound to be touched by most people; therefore, the pathogens spread is not easy to escape. However, the NBPI is highly reactive to these pathogens in the atmosphere and on the surfaces.

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