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064 49637 000 Collar
HVAC systems such as the chiller include a long list of parts needed for the equipment to function. Items such as compressors, fans, vents, and ducts are commonly discussed when referencing heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning units. Additional parts such as the 064 49637 000 should also be considered when dealing with a climate control unit’s care. The 064 49637 000 is a collar manufactured by York.

York is a brand that manufactures HVAC systems along with parts. The part is designed for a chiller, which is a piece of equipment used in climate control. Chillers exchange heat using different states of matter to create air conditioning. HVAC systems such as the chiller include similar core features. Still, every manufacturer is different, and no two machines may be built alike. The 064 49637 000 is a collar that is exclusive to the York brand. Air systems such as the chiller have many uses outside of providing comfort. As a result, the equipment may be customized to suit a particular application, thus creating further differentiation between builds.
064 49637 000 Applications
The collar is used in HVAC systems found in both residential and commercial buildings. Collars serve a specific purpose, like all components found inside of a climate control system. Heating and cooling units deployed in commercial establishments carry heavy loads. Because the machines must function in harsh environments, they must have durable parts. Not only should parts withstand tough conditions, but they must also be protected from damage. HVAC units operating under heavy are at risk for breaks, cracks, and other performance issues due to substantial wear. Parts such as the 064 49637 000 contribute to the preservation of air systems.

Collars applied in HVAC units are used to circumvent potential issues with the systems. During the installation of a system, certain areas may result in open spaces. Any openings in an HVAC system, such as cracks or sections that are not sealed properly, will result in leaks. Leaking air leads to wasted energy; unnecessary airflow will also cause energy expenses to rise. Equipment cannot function efficiently if the components are not sealed properly. Moreover, openings in a unit may lead to additional wear, which will cost even more to repair.
064 49637 000
Although collars are not incredibly large, they do perform an important role in maintaining an HVAC system. Collars support efficient airflow while protecting the equipment from unwanted leaks. Technicians use collars to create a seal around additional parts to prevent leakage from various internal and external sources. York’s collar set-up consists of several components that create a strong protective layer for the chiller.

A technician can inspect your HVAC system to determine if there is a need to repair or replace collars. Maintenance of commercial HVAC units performed often will help to identify potential problems with parts. Adequate upkeep is a must for commercial systems. Upkeep will save time and operational costs when it comes to keeping machines working efficiently.

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