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CONTACTOR, 3PH 9A 024 34302 000

Purchase York Part Number 024 34302 000 by calling us at  1-800-368-8385.  Ships anywhere in the USA. We specialize in York Genuine Parts. Part Number 024 34302 000 is designed and engineered specifically for YORK equipment.

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Replacement HVAC Parts-024 34302 000

What is 024 34302 000?
The need for replacement parts on an HVAC unit is not uncommon. HVAC systems work year-round to provide heating and cooling. The machines handle large amounts of energy. Frequent use often leads to wear, driving the need for parts. Components such as the 024 34302 000, a contactor, may need replacement after some time. York manufactures the 024 34302 000; however, it is a common part belonging to climate control systems. The part does not stand alone and also consists of additional components that allow it to function properly.

Replacing the 024 34302 000 or a contactor in a commercial or industrial HVAC unit such as a chiller requires a service professional’s help. While it is possible to troubleshoot the part as a novice, it is not recommended due to the complicated nature of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. When dealing with the electrical flow, it is important to recognize that dangers may be present. Having someone experienced in managing HVAC units will greatly improve the outcome while helping to avoid potential injury.

What Does a Contractor Do?

A contactor is essentially a control. The part is used to turn equipment on or off. While 024 34302 000 is associated with commercial chillers, many other applications use the same type of control. The contractor has an important position in the process of air-conditioning. It powers a unit, controlling current while working with other components such as fans and compressors. The voltage that the contactor supplies also trigger sensors in the thermostat, allowing the machine to adjust the temperature. If the part is not working properly, there is simply no way to control a unit. Even though HVAC parts are durable under tough conditions, they may experience failures.

Failing components require repair or replacement. A technician can help end-users determine if a part can be fixed. If there is no other course of action, then a replacement is necessary. Replacement parts are ideal because they are often readily available. The parts can generally be integrated into current systems with ease. Service technicians are not only capable providers but experts on HVAC parts.

Sourcing 024 34302 000?

Systems experiencing parts failures due to mechanical or electrical issues may source components from distributors. Facilities depend on HVAC units to operate for comfort and productivity. An operation should not decline due to a part needing repair. In fact, while it is relatively easy to source parts with the help of an authorized distributor, scheduled maintenance is also a valid consideration to keep in mind.

Preventative measures should be taken to ensure that parts such as contractors are working correctly. A technician can inspect equipment to observe any issues such as wear, cracks, or breaks. If a problem is identified, the technician can execute repairs before situations worsen. Having commercial and industrial HVAC units on a scheduled maintenance program is beneficial for facilities.

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