What are the Pros and Cons of Bipolar Ionization?

What are the Pros and 1 Cons of Bipolar Ionization?

Bipolar ionization is a dependable technology in the fight against coronavirus. This technology has many advantages ranging from easy Bipolar ionization is a dependable technology in the fight against coronavirussetup, maintenance, and control. The ions emitted by the system can make the particles in the air larger, and they become easily removed from the air.

The system also does not need much airflow since it utilizes natural airflow, which is sufficient. The technology also uses the building’s already existing (AC) and dual emitters. The dual emitter takes control of the voltage emitter. Thus the system is keen to maximize the ionization and minimize the ozone emission as a byproduct. This system is keen on the eradication of the virus.

Advantage of bipolar ionization

Bipolar ionization is not a cure for the virus, but it creates a tremendous defensive tool in the fight against the virus when used well. This is Advantage of bipolar ionizationan excellent advantage as it charges the particles in the air to create a neutral environment. These particles in the air, such as coronavirus particles, are attracted to the ions. They then attract more particles such as smoke and dust and form larger particles. The large particle is removed from the air through the filtration system.

However, for the indoor air to be well cleaned, there are two ionizing systems. These are the room and portable ionizers. Facility owners need to know which one to use for effective air cleaning. Facility owners may choose the room ionizers since they can cater to the entire room. However, equipment in the room may hinder the cleaning of the air. In such rooms, portable ionizers will do better in bipolar ionization.

1 disadvantage of bipolar ionization

One disadvantage of bipolar ionization is that the build-up of the charge emitted by ionizers on surfaces may be very damaging when emitted near semiconductors if the discharge is done when the device is not on the ground level. However, it is not easy to have a device at zero charges, and thus, it is at risk of being damaged. Suppose the facility owners install automated techniques to help test, assemble devices, and board manufacturing.

In that case, they may cause hazardous ESD conditions that are not also fought by air ionization devices. When the device is damaged, this poses a danger to the facility, especially if it is the only one to clear the air quality in the rooms. This means that the virus in the air will spread again, causing a danger to the customers and staff.

bipolar ionization in facilities

bipolar ionization in facilitiesFacility owners need to have keen measures to protect their facilities against the virus. Coronavirus is still a threat to our health. Although there are vaccines for coronavirus, the snares of the virus are still strong. Businesses and facilities have been opened, so the responsibility of protecting against the virus has been fully left at the individual level.

Thus, people will be more attracted to facilities that consider their health and take care of them. This will be achieved by using measures such as bipolar ionization in facilities. Bipolar ionization may be a good preventative measure in the fight against the virus.

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