Industrial Bipolar Ionization Service for Commercial Air kills Covid-19

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Industrial Bipolar Ionization Service for Commercial Air-Conditioning

Industrial Bipolar Ionization Service for Commercial AirThe infectious spread is not uncommon in large facilities. In truth, people become infected with viruses at work every year. Industrial  Bipolar ionization service, however, can address the need for proper infection control in buildings. Ionization can have an impact on viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Furthermore, the treatment can attack common pathogens that cause illnesses such as the flu and common cold. The reality is that exposure to germs in public spaces can cause facilities to lose productivity. Industrial Bipolar ionization is simply one way to combat the spread of viruses using HVAC.

Using Industrial bipolar ionization service, Global Plasma Solutions is a device that combats viruses. Ionization is Industrial Bipolar Ionization is air purifying systemapplied to existing forced-air units by a commercial service technician. Moreover, the recent threat of coronavirus affecting facilities has re-engaged discussions on ionization in commercial buildings. As a result, facility managers and business owners have jumped into action to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Facilities around the world are employing tactics to reduce exposure to germs. In fact, businesses are considering the importance of sanitized areas for employees and customers. During the development of COVID-19, the CDC has even issued guidelines on preventing the spread of the virus in commercial buildings. On top of common good hygiene practices, the HVAC unit may be used to control the disease.

Industrial Bipolar Ionization and Commercial Air Units

Industrial Bipolar Ionization is not expensive in pricingBusinesses are hoping to decrease exposure to coronavirus and other germs by enlisting a device known as ionization. Industrial Bipolar ionization renders germs inactive by removing an important hydrogen bond to generate free radicals. The free radicals that form as the result of ionization attack viruses and render them inactive.

For commercial and industrial facilities, ionization offers additional benefits. The technology not only removes germs but also controls the flow of outdoor air inside of a building. Outdoor air reduces temperature control. Furthermore, the air from outside presents viruses, mold, mildew, and foul odors, unsafe. In addition to controlling external air Global Plasma Solutions controls VOCs, which are volatile organic compounds. VOCs are responsible for harmful exposures to people.

Summary of Quality Air

Global Plasma Solutions was tested and found to make viruses non-livable. A powerful step occurs during the final state of ionization, where ions join with a pathogen to remove a hydrogen bond. The hydrogen bond is essential for survival. According to research conducted on Global Plasma Solutions, the kill rates show up to 99% for major pathogens such as E. coli, Legionella, and Mold. Furthermore, pathogens such as Norovirus and MRSA also indicated high kill rates at just over 93%.

Researchers find that the fight against coronavirus and COVID-19 may be extensive. As a result, facilities are looking into long-term solutions that may be effective. Since coronavirus is airborne, it is a good candidate for targeting Global Plasma Solutions through ventilation systems. Combating the virus through air-conditioning units is ideal because it is economical and does not require an extensive time investment.

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