Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Service

needlepoint bipolar ionization service

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Service for HVAC

needlepoint bipolar ionization serviceNeedlepoint bipolar ionization service through Midwest Parts Center can address the challenge of infection control in facilities. The technology is capable of removing airborne microorganisms as well as germs on the surface of objects. Certainly one of the best advantages of needlepoint bipolar ionization is its ability to purify the air. Air purification is a necessity in commercial buildings. In fact, clean air contributes to a better lifestyle in summary.

Because of the recent news surrounding the coronavirus and COVID-19, companies are in search of viable alternatives for air purification. The CDC recommended that facilities review air conditioning systems to ensure that buildings have proper ventilation. The coronavirus is airborne which means that it can travel through conduits inside of a facility. Air handlers, vents and filters are all susceptible to infection due to viral outbreaks.

Combat Infection with HVAC

HVAC units are not just used for temperature control. Air conditioning units provide breathable air. Air that is breathable is free from viruses, contaminants and pollution. In some facilities, however, germs can enter a building through a ventilation system. For this reason, facility managers can retrofit systems with antiviral devices such as O2 Prime.

Needlepoint bipolar ionization is the cornerstone of O2 Prime. End-users can expect clean air that is void of foul odors and VOCs. VOCs are harmful and can certainly lead to major illnesses if not addressed.

Every year people fall ill due to germ exposure. Illness as the result of infectious disease can cause individuals to lose valuable time from work as they focus on recovery. For businesses, having large sums of staff out due to sickness will cause productivity to decline. Building sickness is also a major culprit that is responsible for making people ill. Infections such as the common cold, flu and other illnesses can spread rapidly due to poor ventilation and lack of hygiene among building occupants.

Needlepoint bipolar ionization is a simple and cost effective way to address the need for clean air. In fact, the method offers numerous benefits to include a cost savings on energy. The process saves on resources by controlling outdoor air Outdoor air can cause irregular temperatures which can be detrimental to a facility.

Summary of Clean Air Technology

Clean air is a necessity for commercial facilities.The recent pandemic due to coronavirus and COVID-19 has moved companies to alter their approach to clean air. Air purification happens to be a worthwhile investment as it contributes to productivity and profitability.

A commercial HVAC technician can take the time to inspect current air conditioning units and ventilation systems for great circulation. Furthermore, your service technician can install O2 Prime onto current forced air units for a fraction of the cost of lost time at work. In truth, facilities must have long-term goals in place for meeting and exceeding clean air standards as times change and threats persist.

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