Bipolar Ionization for Quality Commercial Air

bipolar ionization for quality air

Bipolar Ionization for Quality Commercial Air Solutions.


bipolar ionization for quality airDisease spread is not unusual in large buildings. In fact, people become ill with viruses often. Bipolar ionization for quality commercial air responds to the demand for adequate infection control. Ionization has an impact on viruses, bacteria, and also a mold. Additionally, the service attacks common germs that lead to illness in people like the cold and flu. The technology attacks germs in heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. 


Through bipolar ionization for quality commercial air, O2 Prime is a tool that attacks germs. Ionization is added to established air units by an industrial service technician. Furthermore, the newer threat of COVID-19 has impacted businesses of all sizes. There is an increase in bipolar ionization as a possible treatment for commercial HVAC units. In fact, business leaders have responded with action to alleviate the spread of coronavirus in buildings. 


Buildings around the globe are deploying methods to limit exposure to viruses. Additionally, companies are thinking about sanitizing areas for both clients and employees. Through the evolution of coronavirus, the DC provided guidelines for prevention for the virus. Besides good hygiene, masks, and social distancing, HVAC units might play a supplementary role in infection control.


Bipolar Ionization and Industrial Air Systems


Companies are looking to reduce exposure to COVID-19 and other common pathogens. Facilitates can halt the spread of foul air by deploying a bipolar ionization device for quality commercial air. The technology renders germs inactive after removing a hydrogen bond. As a result of the ionic relationship, free radicals are ford and subsequently attack germs.


Commercial and industrial facilities will find added benefits with ionization. Not only does the service eliminate germs, but it also manages outdoor airflow into buildings. Outside air diminishes temperature control and air quality. Additionally, outside airflow causes operation costs to rise because it is not energy efficient. Outside air may also result in an overgrowth of mildew, mold, and bad smells. Finally, O2 prime, which uses bipolar ionization, targets volatile organic compounds known as VOCs. Following lab tests, O2 Prime was found to render many viruses un-livable. During the last stage of ionization, ions blend with a pathogen to eliminate its hydrogen bond.  The bond is necessary for a virus to survive. 


Experts find that the fight against coronavirus may be going on for quite some time. Due to this fact, facilities are considering long-term options for infection control. Because COVID-19 is airborne, it is a positive candidate for O2 Prime when applied to ventilation systems. Stopping the virus through A/C systems is with consideration since they are already deployed and functioning.


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