The Benefits of York YLAA chiller parts

5 benefits and feature of York YLAA chiller parts

Benefits and feature of York YLAA chiller partsHigh capacities and environmentally friendly characteristics distinguish York as a pioneer in air-cooled chiller technology. Compact, energy-efficient york Ylaa chiller parts are easy to maintain and can be tailored to any use. Building-efficiency pioneer York Ylaa is a plus to every home and office.

In all cooling-load and ambient-temperature conditions, YLAA will operate efficiently. They are backed by the world’s largest HVAC parts network with decades of proven technology and happy customers.

Benefits and Features york Ylaa chiller parts.

York Ylaa air-cooled chillers have been awarded the AHRI Certified seal of approval, which guarantees their quality. Can customize the chiller you choose to meet your specific requirements. Choose York Ylaa chiller parts for:

The efficiency of York YLAA chiller parts

Industry-leading energy efficiency is provided by YLAA high-efficiency chillers, thanks to their innovative control algorithms. YLAA chillers have some of the best IPLV (off-design) performance in their class, which measures energy efficiency in the real world. YLAA also has an option for efficiency. High-efficiency equipment is not the only option available.

Can achieve smaller footprints and lower capital costs by using YLAA chillers in standard efficiency models. There are multiple YLAA chiller options available, allowing for a variety of investment options for each application.

The flexibility of York YLAA chiller parts

The flexibility of York YLAA chiller partsThe YLAA chiller has a wide range of choices designed to work dependably for various applications. As low as 10°F (-12°C), it can chill glycol. An 85 percent capture rate is possible, with a maximum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius). There are now more pump sizes to choose from when factory-mounted pump kits are taken into consideration. The optional kits have built-in valves, pressure ports, flow switches, and filters for easy hook-up.

Variable-speed drives, twin pumps, service shut-off valves, expansion tanks, and additional test ports for temperature and pressure sensors are just some of the numerous pump options available. Various sound attenuation methods are available, allowing for a wide range of placement options for the chiller.


To be a leader in sustainability, the York YLAA does not require additional costs. Incorporating R-410A refrigerant, which has no ozone-depleting potential, and cutting-edge heat exchanger technology, the YLAA chiller is the most environmentally friendly piece of equipment available today. Because of its low-sound features, this chiller is genuinely ecologically friendly.


To reduce the number of service calls, the York YLAA chiller parts have been tested and are reliable. The scroll compressors have been used in a variety of applications for hundreds of thousands of hours. Extensive lab and field testing has proven that corrosion-resistant condenser heat exchangers are ideal for stationary HVAC applications. In addition, they are more sturdy than regular condenser coils, making them less vulnerable to damage during rigging and lifting, and installation of the chiller.

York YLAA chiller parts customizationIt’s simple to set up.

Installing the YLAA chiller on the roof or the ground is as simple as lifting the pre-assembled unit from the shipping container. There is no capital, installation, or maintenance expenditures associated with air-cooled condensers.

Finally, with the above features, it’s a fantastic decision to choose york Ylaa chiller parts as the best option for your air conditioning systems.

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