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025 38180 000 Electric Actuator

What is 025 38180 000?
When searching for HVAC parts, you may be wondering what exactly an electric actuator is? In short, an electric actuator, such as 025 38180 000, is a component that uses electricity and converts it into energy to create movement. The device is not only used in HVAC systems, but it is also found in almost any application that requires automation in relationship to movement. Actuators may be categorized into 4 major areas: Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Mechanical. Movements that are controlled by an actuator may be linear, oscillatory, or rotary. The key elements of an actuator are “control” and “movement.”

The 025 38180 000 electric actuator is a York component found in HVAC systems manufactured by the brand. It is a replacement part sought after by professionals and end-users looking to make repairs or replacements to their HVAC units. The component is a critical one required by the air systems, specifically the Model YKEP, to function properly.

The 025 38180 000 electric actuator is important in managing HVAC systems because it increases efficiency. The item lessens the effort to create the movement process needed to push air through a York system. The part saves on energy use and makes the process of cooling smoother. HVAC units are expected to operate under tough conditions, so the actuators take some of the load off, allowing the equipment to last longer.

Reliable Parts-025 38180 000

Air systems are manufactured using many different parts. Together, the parts work to deliver hot air or cold air in various applications. While there are numerous types of HVAC units available, their jobs may vary greatly depending on what industry they are used in and how they are applied to a specific task. HVAC is far more complex than simply providing comfort. The units are often a critical part of any operation that is focused on productivity. Parts, both large and small, can cause serious issues if one is compromised.

HVAC systems are reliable, heavy-duty machines that are built to last. Broken components, however, are always a possibility under harsh conditions and with frequent use. When an actuator is broken, air cannot be pushed through a unit properly. If air can pass through a system, it may not be the correct temperature because of a faulty part. Because certain applications require a specific operating temperature, broken components cannot go without repair. Moreover, parts that are not functioning properly may lead to additional energy expenses as resources are wasted as the machine attempts to overcompensate for the loss of power. If there is a suspected performance issue with an HVAC system, a technician specializing in commercial and industrial HVAC should be called in for service. The technician can inspect your system to determine the source of the problem and, if necessary, develop a service plan to either repair or replace any parts that may be contributing to the problem.

Note: For a more detailed and accurate description of 025 38180 000 Actuator, we suggest that you contact us, and our trained staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may  call us at  1-800-368-8385 or fill out this form with your question, and we will get back to you as soon as possible:



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