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What is Part 025 29567 002?

Everyone enjoys the cooling air that flows through an air-conditioning vent or the warmth that blows from a heater. However, most people probably don’t think about how air is created while on the receiving end. It is fascinating to discover how air can be processed through many components of a device, such as an HVAC unit, to create a comfortable environment. Whether they are used in a residential home or a commercial building, all air-conditioning systems are comprised of numerous parts. Parts such as the motor actuator play an important role in facilitating processes that result in comfortable temperatures.

Considering an HVAC system, there are a few essential parts that are included. Keep in mind that all heating, ventilation, air, and cooling systems vary in build. The key components are foundational and commonly located in all units. HVAC systems include either fuel or coolant, a conduit system by which hot or cool air can flow, and a ventilation system for the air to pass through so that it can be felt on the other end. The motor actuator is simply another part that is used in an HVAC system.

An HVAC system’s additional components will include a compressor, refrigerant, expansion valves, and an evaporator. These components work together to process air to deliver the intended effect; in this case, cooling. The complexity of cooling systems does vary depending on the build and application. For example, large residential complexes may require different capabilities than a commercial HVAC system. The larger the building, the more complicated the HVAC system. Large buildings offer greater flexibility in expanding an HVAC system, which means that additional parts are more common.

Understanding the Role of Part 025 29567 002

A motor actuator helps to calibrate the temperature that passes through a ventilation system. Although the part is small in size compared to other components, it is tasked with great responsibility; to facilitate airflow at the correct temperature. The parts are used in many different types of machines that involve positioning and movement. The actuator uses energy and converts it so that positioning is possible in either a linear or rotary manner. The motor portion of the device delivers what is known as “rotation.” Combined, the component can control position, movement, and torque, the key activity being control. Motors and actuators may also exist independently of each other, depending on how they are applied.

Commercial air-conditioning units run under tough conditions, and therefore, even the smallest component must be built to withstand heavy use. While the 025 29657 002 is a sturdy part, it may experience some wear. The part eventually may need replacing to maintain the performance of an air system. When the component is broken, it may cause unintended issues such as neither cooling nor heating properly. Inspecting parts regularly helps manage the overall performance of an HVAC system. If a part is broken, timely repair is necessary for optimal results.

Note: For a more detailed and accurate description of the 025 29657 002 Actuator, we suggest that you contact us, and our trained staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may  call us at  1-800-368-8385 or fill out this form with your question, and we will get back to you as soon as possible:



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