031 01798 002

031 01798 002

York Part 031 01798 002

EPROM 031 01798 002

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Chiller Parts – 031 01798 002
What is 031 01798 002?
Spare parts requirements for a chiller may call for 031 01798 002, which is an Eprom. The part is manufactured by York and can be applied to already existing units. Chillers are sturdy machines. However, replacement parts are often needed due to wear. Any number of components inside of a control board may break. Having access to parts that are compatible with a unit makes the integration of spare components easier. York enables service technicians to streamline repair parts installations.

Chiller components all perform critical roles. Even the smallest part may make a difference in the operation of a machine. Frayed lines, broken valves, and ducts may reduce the efficiency of a machine. The worst-case scenario is when a piece of equipment completely stops working. A broken unit will cause productivity in a facility to slow down. In certain cases, a stoppage may lead to lost profits. Moreover, costly repairs may be unexpected. Maintaining access to parts inventory is good practice when tasked with the upkeep of climate control units.

The parts of a chiller include a combination of technology crossing many disciplines. Many of the processes that take place in a chiller are the result of automation. Electronic elements such as control boards also play a critical role in facilitating the processes required to operate a climate control system. The 031 01798 002 is an Eprom found in York chillers. The component is also applicable to other industries.
Eprom Explained
Most people enjoy the benefits of climate control without necessarily thinking about something like Eprom. In fact, the component is one of many complex applications found in electronic systems. The term EPROM means erasable programmable read-only memory). The device itself can be re-programmed and re-used. EPROM is an electronic component that is erasable. When a power supply is cut off, EPROM is capable of retaining data. The 031 01798 002 in a York chiller is a component of the control board. Data on an EPROM can be erased with the use of UV light.

The circuitry of the Eprom is rather complicated. In fact, the device processes data using a high voltage. The item is a popular spare part because it may stop working properly over time. An experienced service technician should approach the electronic component’s repair due to its composition and proximity to electricity. HVAC units present some hazards for novices, so having a technician familiar with industrial systems’ complexities is highly recommended.
Like any component within a climate control unit, the electronic device may malfunction. Small pieces may break. Repairs required may be minor or major; however, the parts should not be left to chance. Replacement needs should also be addressed promptly to reduce downtime. Technicians will certainly work hard to return critical units to service.

Regardless of how reliable chillers are, they still require maintenance. Scheduled inspections can identify potential issues with control boards that may result in performance issues. Systems should be monitored regularly to ensure that all processes are running smoothly. Chillers vary in capacity, with some carrying large loads. Maintenance programs can help to reduce the costs of operating the machines in busy environments.

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