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064 48156 001 Impeller

What is 064 48156 001?

How is 064 48156 001 used?

064 48156 001 belongs to what is known in an HVAC system as the impeller. But what does an impeller do? The impeller is a component that rotates and increases in speed to propel pressure in a compressor. The part is related to the transfer of energy to liquids, thus increasing the speed at which a fluid can move through an outlet.

064 48156 001 is not the only type of impeller there is. The part is specific to the York brand; however, other models of the component do exist. The mechanics behind the part make it an essential piece of the complex puzzle known as HVAC. In understanding the impeller’s purpose, it is important to note that there are three different types.

Understanding 064 48156 001

First, there is an open impeller. The open impeller is named as such because it is mounted onto a shaft. There is no protective device around it. The second type of impeller is a semi-closed impeller. The semi-closed impeller is attached to a plate on one side, leaving one side exposed, so, therefore, it is partially closed. Finally, the third type of impeller is commonly found in the closed impeller. The closed impeller is covered by a wall on both sides of the vanes. Each design of the part has its own benefits and drawbacks when applied to HVAC systems.

The type of impeller employed by HVAC systems, including 064 48156 001, varies based on their application. How the part is used will be determined by the type of equipment in which it is installed. The component is found in pumps. However, it may not deliver the same functionality. Of the three models, the open impeller and semi-closed impeller are considered less efficient than the fully closed impeller. Regardless 064 48156 001 would be considered a critical component in a climate control system.

Experts suggest that the benefits of an open impeller include ease of use and repair. Not only is this version considered helpful for conducting fixes, but it also is helpful in applications where the pump is much smaller. The drawbacks include a weaker framework. On the other hand, semi-closed impellers have an added wall of strength. They are applied to both liquids and solids. The drawback of the component is that it is considered less efficient. Closed impellers, which include two walls, delivers stronger action. Applications include large pumps that manage liquids.

Although end-users are often pleased with their climate control systems, some common problems happen due to several factors. Issues with a compressor are among the top reasons why equipment does not function properly. Since the compressor also contains many parts, it is not uncommon for one of its own components to malfunction.

The best way to ensure that an air-conditioning system works as it should is to enlist a service technician’s help. Technicians are well-versed in HVAC and can help with identifying possible issues with a compressor. Moreover, service technicians are capable of handling the upkeep of equipment with the latest technology.

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