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York Part 025 29150 001


Purchase York Part Number 025 29150 001 by calling us at  1-800-368-8385.  Ships anywhere in the USA. We specialize in York Genuine Parts. Part Number 025 29150 001 is designed and engineered specifically for YORK equipment.

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What is 025 29150 001

025 29150 001 and HVAC Units
HVAC systems provide climate control in buildings of all sizes. Whether a building needs hot air or cold air, the equipment is designed to function year-round while also being energy efficient. Parts such as the 025 29150 001 help HVAC units to perform their tasks properly. Air systems may also be used to facilitate the operation of heavy-duty equipment so their applications are numerous. The 025 29150 001 which is a type of adapter is needed for an HVAC unit to perform without an issue.

Air units deployed for use in large facilities are often quite complex. When parts such as the 025 29150 001 transducers & sensor (2-WIRE) adapter are broken, an HVAC system may experience serious issues with output. Moreover, a piece of equipment with a broken component may not function efficiently. The efficient operation of HVAC systems is necessary to maintain costs and save on energy use.

The applications available for transducers vary widely and therefore they are often selected based on how the parts will be used. Factors that impact the type of transducers and sensors required include output needs, required connection devices, available ports, and energy usage specifications.

HVAC systems are frequently customized to meet the specific needs of end-users. Since not all facilities are focused on the same outcome, it is helpful to work with an experienced technician during the service of your air systems. Choosing parts to fill the needs of repair and replacement is also easier with the guidance of a field technician. The technician can assess your HVAC equipment and make the best recommendations to ensure that there is a path to returning your unit to service. Air systems cannot withstand the damage sustained from broken parts for an extended period of time because they may eventually be rendered useless as situations deteriorate.

What Exactly is 025 29150 001?

The 025 29150 001 is a transducer & sensor (2-WIRE) adapter manufactured by York. The component is included in York Chillers. Transducers and sensors are just a few of the important parts that make up an air system such as a chiller. Although HVAC systems vary by size, build, capacity and application, there are a few key features that nearly every unit has whether it is responsible for heating or cooling. Each part, regardless of how large or small it is, plays a critical role in helping a system to run. An HVAC system is capable of producing the right amount of air at the right temperature while providing adequate control mechanisms.

Every component in an HVAC system is unique and the same holds for the 025 29150 001 transducers & sensor (2-WIRE) adapter. Many different sensors are used for various applications involving heating and cooling. Because a chiller is a heavy machine, it may consist of what is known as a heavy-duty pressure transducer. The transducer & sensor adapter is built to withstand the harsh conditions in which chiller operations.

025 29150 001 is important to the York chiller as a replacement part. The component reduces potentially damaging moisture while at the same time decreasing time offline. As a result, operational costs may be significantly lower due to fewer repair issues.

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