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O2Prime Service

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O2Prime ServiceAttaining cleaner air flow with HVAC devices is achievable with O2Prime. Business managers are anticipating boosting the caliber of the environment in facilities whereby individuals function in concert daily. The latest rise of situations due to COVID 19 is responsible for concern about coronavirus prevention. O2Prime service through Midwest Parts Center is a possible method of treatment.  Disease management procedures are generally considered by facilities, however certain initiatives are more effective. HVAC systems, nonetheless, are able to remove contaminants from the air with a sophisticated technology.

O2Prime is a groundbreaking technological innovation which is utilized to get rid of dangerous particulate matter from HVAC systems.  Microorganisms are usually airborne and transferred between people when infected individuals cough or sneeze. Furthermore, bacteria can be acquired by unsuspecting victims from the surfaces of widely used objects for example tables, door knobs, desks and faucets. O2Prime service could help strike viruses by rendering them inactive. Additionally the technology provides continuous germ-killing throughout HVAC systems.

Along with the preventive actions suggested through the CDC, facilities want to  use applications which they currently have to enhance disease control methods. Several of the measures might be discovered within a procedure referred to as bipolar ionization. Bipolar ionization consists of particles connecting and removing a hydrogen bond from a piece of matter. With no hydrogen connection, a pathogen is not able to sustain. O2 Prime inactivates microorganisms which means they’re incapable of infecting people. Supplying noteworthy kill-rates, O2 Prime is a promising alternative for facilities which currently have HVAC units with forced air components. 

Reducing Viral Illness in Facilities

Each year, individuals start to become sick with viruses, and other infections which are sometimes avoidable. Working in close proximity to others usually increases the chance of catching a disease. Common sense behaviors such as hand washing may not be successful if not everyone follows the rule. Furthermore, due to minimal downtime, some facilities do not provide adequate cleaning activities. Nevertheless, the benefits of keeping a thoroughly clean facility has always been essential for businesses. Nowadays, companies are ramping up their viral prevention measures. 

O2Prime was created to get rid of dangerous microorganisms in buildings. The technology deals with germs, viruses, and VOCs. VOCs are bad for humans. The contaminants should always be blocked from entering ventilation systems. The process of controlling VOCs entails lowering exterior air flow. External air flow is liable for triggering poor temperature control, mold, excess moisture, foul smells and mildew formation. Dampness can bring about spores and mildew within an HVAC device. The microorganisms are then able to travel throughout an entire building, potentially causing occupants to become ill. 

HVAC units provide temperature control but they actually can do even more. HVAC equipment provides a distinctive opportunity to address air quality using tools already in place. Bipolar ionization technology is merely one method to consider in gaining better air quality. Furthermore, the tool can be used to prevent the spread of illness in high-traffic buildings. 


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Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Service

needlepoint bipolar ionization

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Service Provider

needlepoint bipolar ionizationWhile needlepoint bipolar ionization acquired some traction just recently, the technology is not new.  HVAC experts have installed the treatment on ventilation systems in years past, nonetheless, there continues to be a renewed interest in the science since the worldwide pandemic referred to as COVID 19 was brought on by the coronavirus. As the strain on companies to stay shuttered decreases, businesses are searching for ways to provide cleaner air which can manage viral spread. Midwest Parts Center can provide needlepoint bipolar ionization service for commercial facilities. 

Hospitals, corporate buildings and industrial plants usually think about air that is clean as part of the practice in keeping up with clean air standards. Needlepoint bipolar ionization, nonetheless, destroys other microorganisms and viruses as air journeys throughout a facility. The task which is utilized to focus on a selection of toxins is quite difficult although the unit which is used-to produce the response is pretty unassuming.

The ions are therefore triggered to kill the particulate while rendering the former elements inactive. Bipolar ionization remains connected to the atmosphere as it travels by way of ventilation. The science gives a top kill rate for microorganisms and it is likewise utilized to manage the flow of air from the exterior to the interior, aiding in the decommission of foul smells as well as power exchange. Ultimately, the science provides a broad range of benefits which are appropriate in a selection of options, which includes disease control.

Applying Bipolar Ionization

Your service technician is able to mount needlepoint bipolar ionization into current HVAC devices. The unit is affixed on the A/C handler parts. Needlepoint bipolar ionization service is affordable and convenient. The price of set up is budget friendly for many companies. Investing in the enhancement is worthwhile for buildings which are searching for a multi-faceted resolution which also offers increased cost savings.

Although there’s help in place to help businesses with providing a germ free environment, company managers continue to face issues with obtaining measures to stick to the criteria set forth. Furthermore, the suggestions regarding how to stop the spread of illness are continuously changing. End-users expect to have recurring performance with good long term effects.

Bipolar ionization is a potentially viable response to current and future threats. Viral illness can impact businesses by leading to increased absences and lost profits. Companies can stay ahead of potential outbreaks by implementing preventative methods. As an affordable tool, needlepoint technology is cost-effective and efficient. Furthermore, the technology offers many benefits beyond infection control. The fact is that businesses must be proactive in their approach to stop emerging viral threats.

Many companies are definitely more vulnerable to viral outbreaks as compared to what they may assume. Today, folks are emerging from their less risky home spaces, going back to their daily activities and interacting more often.  Facilities are tasked with making sure operations are safe for all. Needlepoint bipolar ionization can help. 

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Clean Air Solutions O2 Prime

O2 Prime

O2 Prime HVAC Air Purification

O2 PrimeAchieving cleaner air with HVAC units is possible with O2 Prime. Commercial building owners are looking forward to improving the quality of the air in facilities where people work together to perform business functions. The recent surge in cases of COVID-19 has caused serious concerns about building cleanliness and the need to reduce infectious spread. Infection control measures are typically taken by facilities, however some efforts may be more effective than others. Heating and cooling units, however, are capable of delivering air that is free from contaminants with an advanced system.

O2 Prime is a cutting-edge technology that is used to remove harmful particulate matter from ventilation systems. Microorganisms are often airborne and transferred between individuals when infected persons cough or sneeze. Additionally, germs can be picked up by unsuspecting victims on the surfaces of commonly used items such as tables, desks, door knobs, and faucets. O2 Prime is a technology that can attack viruses by rendering them inactive and continuing to deliver germ-killing free radicals throughout heating and cooling units as the air circulates. 

In addition to preventative measures recommended by the CDC, business owners are looking to use tools that they already have available to improve the best practices for infection control. Some of the answers may be found in a process known as bipolar ionization. Bipolar ionization involves molecules taking a hydrogen bond from a pathogen. Without the hydrogen bond, a pathogen is unable to survive. O2 Prime renders the microorganisms inactive so they are incapable of causing infection. Delivering high kill rates, O2 Prime is a promising solution for facilities that already have forced air systems but are hoping to maximize on the system’s capabilities. 

Controlling Viral Distribution-O2 Prime

Every year, people become ill with viruses, bacterial infections and other diseases that are sometimes preventable. Working in close proximity to other people always heightens the risk for infection. Common sense activities such as proper hand-washing may not always be effective if not everyone in a building is adhering to specific guidelines. Additionally, keeping workspaces cleaned and sanitized can present a unique challenge in high-traffic establishments with little down-time. Still, the importance of maintaining a clean environment has always been important for the sake of safety. Today, the desire to ramp up infection control measures has never been greater. 

O2Prime was developed to eliminate harmful microorganisms from buildings. VOCs or volatile organic compounds are some of the pollutants that O2 Prime targets through its complex system of handling air. VOCs are harmful to people and should be stopped from entering facilities. Part of managing VOCs involves reducing outside air. Outdoor air is responsible for causing insufficient temperatures, excess moisture, mold, mildew and foul odors. Moisture can contribute to mold and spores in an HVAC system which may travel to other areas of a building and through the ventilation systems. 

It is true that heating and cooling units are seen as more than temperature control mechanisms. The units are used for a wide range of tasks, at the top of the list, producing clean air that is safe to breathe. HVAC systems provide a unique opportunity for business owners and facility managers to tackle the challenge of infection control while maintaining adequate temperatures for an operation.

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O2Prime Capabilities


O2Prime and HVAC

O2PrimeHVAC units can be utilized to manage contaminants in the atmosphere. We’re very happy to provide O2Prime, a sophisticated technology which will help our customers achieve cleaner air. Through a procedure known as bipolar ionization, our technology is able to help facilities deliver much better air quality for building patrons. Air handler systems are usually used for the goal of climate control although abilities are much more extensive. Along with the right systems in place, temperature control units are able to contribute to greater efficiency as well as better lifestyles among occupants.

Though commercial buildings should stick to recommended cleaning plus sanitization strategies, much more can be achieved in the fight to combat serious health triggers. HVAC systems are a multi-faceted technology which enhances the quality of the air and regulates temperature. Moreover, the systems also impact the caliber of the environment on a larger scale. Breathable air is devoid of viruses, fungi, mold, and bacteria which might lead to severe health consequences for occupants.

Benefits of O2Prime

Customers and employees alike need good air to breathe. The O2Prime technology that we apply makes healthy air to breathe a reality. Ventilation systems can easily filter out particles like viruses, allergens, bacteria as well as mold. Individuals who are hypersensitive to particular materials may experience severe health problems, some with long-term consequences. O2Prime is a viable option which may assist companies in achieving unpolluted air flow which is additionally effective.

The science behind O2 Prime is composed of bipolar ionization.The procedure kills and then inactivates viruses to ensure they can’t infect unsuspecting victims. Furthermore, the science, with testing has been proven to reduce mold, reduce outdoors air from entering structures, and balance pathogens. When put into HVAC systems, O2Prime encourages the temperature control equipment to save  on energy which leads to decreased operational costs.

O2Prime works by forcing ions to link with pathogens like bacteria and viruses, for instance. Through the connection, a necessary hydrogen bond is eliminated. Without having the bond, the infectious agents are unable to remain viable.

Because the coronavirus has emerged, businesses are definitely more centered on improving health conditions within facilities to stop the spread of viruses. Bipolar ionization, the science at the root of O2Prime has yet to be completely analyzed because of the newness of the coronavirus. Deductive reasoning suggests, nonetheless, that in case it’s akin to viruses which have been evaluated in the past, bipolar ionization kill rates might likely fall in line with past reports. The future has yet to be seen by way of this research.

Tests performed on numerous diverse viral sequences have revealed O2Prime kills germs on surfaces and in the environment fairly rapidly. Along with killing viruses, the formulation is effective at eliminating toxic odors. Because the science is put into air conditioning systems, air that is fresh can circulate through a building at the conclusion of the process

In Summary

Facilities have a fresh opportunity to help with illness prevention techniques by making better use of air conditioning units and heating systems. By adding a material like O2Prime to a current forced air system, the end result offers better air quality which is far better to breathe.

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